More Than Just a Kiss Blogfest

Now for my post in the More Than Just a Kiss Blogfest. Prepare to be…just be prepared.


This is an excerpt from my upcoming YA novel Lesbians. For more info read the books tab.

Riley sauntered up to the podium. The baby doll dress she wore fit as naturally as her usually more rebellious attire. She took an uninvited place next to Drew.

“…said the Lord…” Drew covered the microphone, “what are you doing up here?”

“What you asked. Showing the world who you really are.”

“I’m the pastor’s daughter. You can’t just interrupt the service.”

“I’m going to do a lot more than that.”

A fearful look came across Drew’s face. “No.”

Riley pulled the alarmed girl possessively towards her. “Yes”

Merciless lips crushed upon it’s target and feeble struggling didn’t dissuade what unfolded in front of the entire congregation.  As the fight ebbed Drew’s shaking hands cupped Riley’s face and a second pair of lips hungrily joined in. The world evaporated and all that existed was unbridled passion and an inner unquenchable fire. Hands caressed bodies and tugged at unwary hair, nothing could cool this inferno and as moans got into play they were unceremoniously drawn apart.

“Jezebel!” a male voice roared.

So? What do you guys think? Steamy enough for this blogfest.


Movie Blogfest

The Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest is hosted by Ninja Captain Alex. Below are my list of the top ten movies based off books. No matter your thoughts these movies were movers and shakers when they burst unto the publishing and/or movie scene.


Top 10 Movies Based off Books

1. Silence of the Lambs


2. Interview with the Vampire

3. Green Mile

4. The Lord of the Rings

5. The Shawshank Redemption

6. Harry Potter Series

7. Broke Back Mountain

8. Animal Farm

9. The Godfather

10. Memoirs of a Geisha


INDIE-kissing blogfest



Please note while this post is can be read by teen readers, this fest is featuring characters from an adult book I’m writing. If you’re 18 and older visit Roe’s Adult World to find out more.

For the Indie-kissing blogfest I will have Dax and Aled from my novel in progress, Untitled (Book one in It’s Hard to being a Hatter Series) give some pointers on having a romantic date during a rain storm.

Dax: Whose stupid idea was this?

Aled: It’s not stupid and you need to relax. (Puts his arm around Dax and pulls him close).

Dax: (wiggles out) Quit it, so today thanks to some…person. We will be giving you six tips on   having a romantic date while you’re rained in.

Aled: Remember when we ran into your house soaking wet…

Dax: We weren’t dating and I told you I’m still unsure about…(whispers) that stuff.

Aled: But you kissed me.

Dax: (sighs) I know. Oh don’t get all upset, you’re a shifter you can’t have a quivering lip.

Aled: (whimpers)

Dax: Ok I’m sorry. Just…give me time.

Aled: (grins and pulls him close) Here are the tips (kisses Dax quickly on the lips).

Dax: Wha…oh forget it (he rests his head on Aled’s shoulder).

Aled: (Holds up the V sign for victory)

The Tips

1. If you’re supposed to go an a date and rain makes it impossible you can organize a fun movie night. Ensure your significant other has an interest in your movie picks though. No one wants to bore their date.

2. Since it’s raining you can go for a kinky night in bed trying new sex positions and just enjoying each other’s company between the sheets.

3. Board or video games can work if you’re both into that.

4. A romantic dinner can do wonders.

5. Or a casual meal if your date is the laid back type.

6. Draw him or her a bath and give them a massage afterwards. Who knows what you might get for doing something so out of the box.

Dax: So there are the tips. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Aled: (waves crazily) Happily Valentine’s Day everyone.

Dax: (Shakes his head in embarrassment) And I’m supposed to be a hunter.