2015 Update: Day and Night is now a stand alone and on hiatus.

1. Lez (YA Fantasy) : Dewi ‘Dew’ Emerson, is the daughter of Henry and Adele Emerson. But that’s not what makes her special. She is a prophetess and has the power to tell your soul mate with a single touch. Controlled by her father she isn’t allowed to touch anyone without his permission. When Rebecca Hartwood comes to town, all she wants is to live a normal life. This is quickly dashed when she bucks into Dew and quickly revealed as a Lez. A female biologically attracted to females. This is seen as evil in a place where only Bios – individuals attracted to the opposite sex – are accepted. But these two teens are connected in a way that neither suspects. This is a stand alone but also has a novella without MC.

2. Huntress (The Flesh Business Series Book 1): In the city of Shiv the eating of humans is legal. NA series and more info to come.

3. Day and Night (Standalone/On Hiatus): This novel has been on and off for two years. Not sure when I’ll actually finish book one but will say it’s about three male teens ranging from gay to bi to mid-transgender and the christian girl who loves one of them. Add one of the guys having a vampire falling for him in a world where vampires are mainly seen as something to be feared and exterminated and you get a bumpy ride in both the romance and social department.

4. I am Not Prince Charming (YA Contemporary): Ellyce Morgan lives the typical life of a secret transgender teenager. One day a new girl comes to their school named  Riley Harper. Riley is wild, rebellious and everything Drew wants in a girlfriend. An awkward request for a date becomes something more. But when Drew’s biological father turns up looking for his son things take a dark turn and being outed takes on a whole new meaning.


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