Top Ten Most Anticipated Books of 2016

I already pre-ordered three books off this list. This post has books similar to some of those I am excited to see hit my bookshelf. Come my pretties.


Happy 2016

Image via Bill_Owen Flickr Creative Commons

A new year has started and we all have the opportunity to either thread new paths or trudge through the old. While we should not shove our past in a closet I do hope you will all try to do something new with yourselves this 2016. Right now I am writing on various projects and will in the coming months be ready to start dropping some promotional material for my first release which should be book 1 in my NA Horror series with a YA novel coming early 2017 the first of two which are both stand alone novels. I think the contemporary one might come out first. No promises.

So Happy New Year readers and I wish you all the best. Thank you for stopping by and for the record Mockingjay 2 was the top book to movie adaption of 2015 for me.