#NextLitChat and a stroke of genius

Hi everyone I am back. As of next year I will try to at least post every first Tuesday of the month with any other days being according to what kind of news I have or events I am taking part in. So on with the show.

#NextLitChat was on Twitter and Live Streaming on Youtube for the last time for 2015. E.J. Wesley and guest chatted about the best of 2015 including books, movies and music. It was fun to listen to the live feed and take part on twitter. More so when tweets got mentioned including my own which added to the live versatility of the chat responding in real time. I have been with the weekly twitter chat from back when it was called #NALitChat. But I have been away for a bit so it was my first time going along with the new livestream that now goes along with the weekly tweeting.

If you are not familiar #NA is the writing genre after #YA and deals with characters becoming 18 and goes up to early twenties. These characters deal with issues of coming of age and going out into the world away from their parents (in most cases). #NextLitChat is a weekly twitter hashtag that talks about NA on Thursday night. There is also a website and a whole community. The link for the live feed from last night is below and you can use the hashtag on twitter to find out more. Or Google.

Youtube: #NextLitChat 12/10/15 – Best of 2015

A Stroke of Genius

Last night I decided to make changes to one of my story ideas. It’s for a YA contemporary novel I intend to write in the future. The idea was at first a bundled deal with Lez (YA Fantasy) but things change as they always do.


Original Idea

Lesbians (formerly titled Lez Contemporary): A contemporary version of Lez. Set in modern day without any special abilities.  Drew lives a typical life as the teenage daughter of their town’s respected preacher. One day a new girl comes to their school named  Riley Harper. Riley is wild, rebellious and everything a preacher’s child should avoid. But Drew has one problem, she’s a ‘non-practicing’ lesbian and this new girl has not only gotten under her skin but into her heart. Worse, Riley is out and proud. Temptation is on the menu and someone is going to get burned.

I decided that Lez should be a story by itself and the one above could do with a makeover. In minutes I had a new spin and title. Titles have almost always come easy for me. It’s a natural talent.

New Idea (Spin)

I Don’t Want a Prince Charming (formerly titled Lesbians):   Drew lives the typical life of a secret transgender teenager. One day a new girl comes to their school named  Riley Harper. Riley is wild, rebellious and everything Drew wants in a girlfriend. An awkward request for a date becomes something more. But when Drew’s biological father turns up looking for his son things take a dark turn and being outed takes on a whole new meaning.

Edit/Change: December 16, 2015 at 5:48pm

Title: I am Not Prince Charming

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend.

Original image via Flickr Commons, courtesy of Casey Konstantin


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