IWSG: What’s in my head?



Last month I was annoyed to see my blog knocked off the IWSG list because someone had assumed I wasn’t going to post Wednesday last month. After emailing Alex I was told it must’ve been been a mistake and I should add back my blog to the list. But it does make me wonder because some blogs have not posted beyond the two time requirement and never got removed. I guess I wonder if this about blogs being on time or more active. So this month I’m just wondering what are the true intentions of some blog memes? Is it to have as many people as possible sharing their thoughts and feelings? Or is it by the numbers. Which in my case would screw me over big time.

Also I decided to separate my YA and adult fiction. I’ll be doing The Hatter Series (moved from Roe) and Cin (2013 Nano) under the name Royme. This decision came about as I started having concerns about when I had to do posts on my adults books that will have some graphic scenes. Well that’s all my thoughts for today.


8 comments on “IWSG: What’s in my head?

  1. When I read your post title ‘What’s in my head’ the answer I came up with was ‘eels’. Your head is full of eels. And that’s my final answer. 😉

    I think it may be a good idea if your adult books are ‘adult’ in the explicit sense to distinguish them from the YA. Because some of us don’t want to get the two mixed up.

    I hope your writing goes well, Roe. Because I’m sure you have something unique to say.


  2. I got accidentally removed from a blog hop once too. I never really found out why, but it’s nothing worth worrying about in my opinion. The people who run these things are human, and humans make mistakes. The important thing is to keep writing and to keep blogging, and to judge your success by your own standards and not the numerical values other people may assign you.

  3. Well, I found you because you’re at the back of the list. 😀 Blogging is mostly about networking with other writers… my mailing list plainly told me they never read my blog unless I have a release coming out soon then they’re looking for buy links and still not reading the blog. Hope that helps you figure it all out.

  4. Roe, sorry you were removed, and it was indeed a mistake. I do try to catch those who haven’t posted two months in a row and remove them to save other members’ time. But with 350 on the list, it’s impossible for me to visit every single one, even with co-hosts helping. So some of those non-posters slip through the cracks.

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