IWSG: Book News


Another Insecure Writers Bloghop hosted by Alex Cavanaugh and while I’m sharing good news I also have insecurities about it. Good news first. I plan to publish at least two three chapter previews of Lez and Lesbians before the end of the year on Amazon (at least). I’d like to see how they take, especially in the GLBT, fantasy and Contemporary sections. While it is great to be previewing my work I also worry about the potential result. What if people hate it? Can I really do this, write books I mean. While I plan to push aside these insecurities they’re still there goading me. Help.


4 comments on “IWSG: Book News

  1. I think half the battle in being a writer is bravery. It’s terrifying to to put your work out where people can see it, but then isn’t that the reason we write? To be read? Be brave. Publish the chapters. It may be hard and painful, but it’s the purpose of writing. You can do it!

    Happy two years IWSG!

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