More Than Just a Kiss Blogfest

Now for my post in the More Than Just a Kiss Blogfest. Prepare to be…just be prepared.


This is an excerpt from my upcoming YA novel Lesbians. For more info read the books tab.

Riley sauntered up to the podium. The baby doll dress she wore fit as naturally as her usually more rebellious attire. She took an uninvited place next to Drew.

“…said the Lord…” Drew covered the microphone, “what are you doing up here?”

“What you asked. Showing the world who you really are.”

“I’m the pastor’s daughter. You can’t just interrupt the service.”

“I’m going to do a lot more than that.”

A fearful look came across Drew’s face. “No.”

Riley pulled the alarmed girl possessively towards her. “Yes”

Merciless lips crushed upon it’s target and feeble struggling didn’t dissuade what unfolded in front of the entire congregation.  As the fight ebbed Drew’s shaking hands cupped Riley’s face and a second pair of lips hungrily joined in. The world evaporated and all that existed was unbridled passion and an inner unquenchable fire. Hands caressed bodies and tugged at unwary hair, nothing could cool this inferno and as moans got into play they were unceremoniously drawn apart.

“Jezebel!” a male voice roared.

So? What do you guys think? Steamy enough for this blogfest.


Kiss Blogfest Post

My post for the More than Just a Kiss Blogfest will be up Thursday September 14. I will however be checking out those who post their entries before then. Best of luck to everyone and may the kisses be great and intense.

IWSG: Book News


Another Insecure Writers Bloghop hosted by Alex Cavanaugh and while I’m sharing good news I also have insecurities about it. Good news first. I plan to publish at least two three chapter previews of Lez and Lesbians before the end of the year on Amazon (at least). I’d like to see how they take, especially in the GLBT, fantasy and Contemporary sections. While it is great to be previewing my work I also worry about the potential result. What if people hate it? Can I really do this, write books I mean. While I plan to push aside these insecurities they’re still there goading me. Help.

I have returned

Yes I’ve been away for a while but I’m back. Be prepared for some good news this coming Wednesday when I participate in my first IWSG post since July.