National Wormhole Day Blog Hop


March 14 is Albert Einstein’s Birthday and I’m taking part in the National Wormhole Day Blog Hop.

My Journey

If I could go through a Wormhole I’d bend the way of existence and do it twice.

First stop would be Ancient Egypt to find out more about the sacrifices of redheads. This event in history has intrigued me greatly.

Second stop would be entering the universe of my novel (in progress) series It’s Hard being a Hatter Series and meet Raz, the kangaroo who is also a hunter who kills shifters. It might seem redundant but I’d just love to meet a Kangaroo who hunts, uses a cutlass and talks.  Plus I find my own story intriguing.

So there’s my plan for Wormhole travel. Hope you have fun creating your own plans or reading others.


17 comments on “National Wormhole Day Blog Hop

  1. Perhaps the redheads were too popular, so a blonde or brunette suggested they’d be great for sacrifice. You never know who has the ear of the controlling powers. . .

    Be careful bending time that it doesn’t come back to bite you.

  2. Great idea to bend time and do it twice! I also like the idea of visiting the universe of your own novel- what writer wouldn’t want to do that?? Cool.

  3. Id love to visit ancient Egypt. Maybe they would think we were gods. Or they would kill us. One extreme or the other.

  4. The ancient Egyptians sacrificed redheads? I’d heard that in places in Africa, albinos are killed for their “magical” properties, but I hadn’t heard that about Egyptians. It’s fascinating. (Drop by my blog and give me a link to that story if you have a chance.)
    Great post! 🙂

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