IWSG: Roe’s Adult World


I have decided to start an adult blog for my adult fiction. It’s Roe’s Adult World and I am nervous about starting another blog. Every blog created offers new opportunities but also more work. This blog has been making it’s own strides and I’m happy to have a way to share my novels in progress with the world as well as my thoughts.

The reason I decided to create an adult blog is because my Hatter series has a lot of adult content and my other three novels in progress are teen appropriate. So I thought it was best to separate Hatter to avoid any trouble.

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7 comments on “IWSG: Roe’s Adult World

  1. I had two a few years ago and it was difficult. But I can see why you’d want to separate them. Try it. If it becomes too much, you can always cut down on the number of posts. When I first started blogging in 2008, I blogged every day. Last year, I slowed to once a week. This month I’m down to maybe 4 posts a month. It’s giving me more time to work on my new WIP. Plus I spend more time commenting on other blogs. I received a lot of support as a newbie, and now I’m able to pass that along.

    Happy IWSG.

  2. By adult, you mean mature adult or erotica, or just adult content such as the warning in a rated R movie? If you mean erotica, then definitely separate! Otherwise, whatever you think is best. I wish you luck with it.

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