Movie Blogfest

The Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest is hosted by Ninja Captain Alex. Below are my list of the top ten movies based off books. No matter your thoughts these movies were movers and shakers when they burst unto the publishing and/or movie scene.


Top 10 Movies Based off Books

1. Silence of the Lambs


2. Interview with the Vampire

3. Green Mile

4. The Lord of the Rings

5. The Shawshank Redemption

6. Harry Potter Series

7. Broke Back Mountain

8. Animal Farm

9. The Godfather

10. Memoirs of a Geisha



National Wormhole Day Blog Hop


March 14 is Albert Einstein’s Birthday and I’m taking part in the National Wormhole Day Blog Hop.

My Journey

If I could go through a Wormhole I’d bend the way of existence and do it twice.

First stop would be Ancient Egypt to find out more about the sacrifices of redheads. This event in history has intrigued me greatly.

Second stop would be entering the universe of my novel (in progress) series It’s Hard being a Hatter Series and meet Raz, the kangaroo who is also a hunter who kills shifters. It might seem redundant but I’d just love to meet a Kangaroo who hunts, uses a cutlass and talks.  Plus I find my own story intriguing.

So there’s my plan for Wormhole travel. Hope you have fun creating your own plans or reading others.

IWSG: Roe’s Adult World


I have decided to start an adult blog for my adult fiction. It’s Roe’s Adult World and I am nervous about starting another blog. Every blog created offers new opportunities but also more work. This blog has been making it’s own strides and I’m happy to have a way to share my novels in progress with the world as well as my thoughts.

The reason I decided to create an adult blog is because my Hatter series has a lot of adult content and my other three novels in progress are teen appropriate. So I thought it was best to separate Hatter to avoid any trouble.

You can also check me out on: