What I’m Writing

I have four novels in the works.

1. Untitled – Book One in It’s Hard being a Hatter Series: Dax is a hunter, he and his group hunt the shape shifting creatures used by The Queen of Hearts to do her worst dirty work. Of course some do a little hunting on the side and Dax is all for it. Until one night during a blood bath raid on one of the queen’s shifter patrols where Dax looks into the eyes of a young wolf shifter and freezes. Not just his hand but his heart is held at a stand still. Now Dax is at a turning point. With a shifter crashing at his house and coming to terms with his sexuality can live the life he’s always lived when he’s already harbouring a secret from everyone? That he’s Darian Hatter, the lover and loyal follower of the queen who was framed and sent off to torture by the woman he loved. And what of the young shifter and Dax’s friends who only see shifters good for one thing. A filler for a hole in the ground.

2. Broken Neverland (Might be Stand Alone): Peter Pan and The Lost Boys are caught by Captain Hook and his band of pirates. Bad enough Captain Hook reveals he’s Peter’s father but he also allows his pirates to perform unspeakable atrocities on the boys while he keeps Peter safely locked up. What happens when they escape?

3. Day and Night (Series): This novel has been on and off for two years. Not sure when I’ll actually finish book one but will say it’s about three male teens ranging from gay to bi to mid-transgender and the christian girl who loves one of them. Add one of the guys having a vampire falling for him in a world where vampires are mainly seen as something to be feared and exterminated and you get a bumpy ride in both the romance and social department.

4. Lez (Stand Alone): More coming soon.

So there you have it. My three ongoing works. So what do you think?


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